Welcome to Team NuVision


Welcome to Team NuVision


Weekly Conference Calls

Sunday Momentum Call 8:00 PM ET Monday Training Call
10:00 PM ET 712-432-1001, Pin 459387916#
Replay Available 801-437-5533

Wednesday Recruiting Call 9 & 10 PM ET
712-432-7550, Pin 77622#

 TNV Book of the Month

Read Your Way to Success

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Spotlight of the Month

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Bails, Jr.

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TNV Recognition

Kenny and Tabatha Spurlock

TNV’s 49th Ring Earners September 2015 Kenny & Tabatha Spurlock, VA

Nakeeta Tucker

TNV’s 50th Ring Earner October 2015 Nakeeta Tucker, GA

Ron Green

TNV’s 51st Ring Earner December 2015 Ron Green, GA

Mr Ted Ma

TNV’s 52nd Ring Earner December 2015 Ted Ma, CA

January TNV Top Recruiters

1st Place
Marietta Rosacia

2nd Place
Herman and Temeka Davis

Tied for 3rd Place
Terrance Fitch
Penny Peterlin
Gary & Bonita Jenkins 

Tied for 4th Place
Jean Pierre Biagui

April Millionaire Success Training