Lewis and Rwanda Wynder

Mr. Wynder started out his career working for a privately owned vending company making meager wages. The Wynder’s were introduced to LegalShield by a close family friend.

Mr. Wynder admits avoiding invitations by his friend to attend several meetings.

He’s thankful that his friend was persistent. Mr. Wynder finally attended a Legalshield event and became very excited. However, he was financially strapped and lived with his mother in a three bedroom apartment and did not have the money. Mr. Wynder knew that he had to change his position so that it would not always be an excuse in the future.

Mr. Wynder was so passionate about this opportunity he had to share it with Mrs. Wynder who had also been burned out with this industry. However, after she attended her 1st presentation presented by Mr. Michael Humes, and taking over 6 pages of notes, she too became excited about sharing this information with others. They both knew this was something they could believe in “Equal Justice for everyone.” After attending their first big event in Oklahoma City, we were introduced to Team Nuvision and its leadership. TNV’s motto of Faith, Family, & Finance confirmed that they made the right choice.

The Wynders are Six Figure Ring Earners but more importantly, they have assisted three other team members in becoming Ring Earners. Together, they have been able to take dream trips, buy their dream home on a lake, and drive a LegalShield BMW! However, the most rewarding part of their journey is helping others live out their dreams.

The Wynder’s reside in Conyers, Georgia.