Roy Tatem

With a degree in political science, Mr. Tatem landed his first job in politics working on Capitol Hill and started his chosen field as a Legislative Correspondent and Aid in January 1999. A few short months later, a close friend of Mr. Tatem’s introduced
him to Mr. Self and Mr. Humes. He was invited to see a LegalSheild presentation and at that very moment, he became an associate.

While in pursuit of a postgraduate degree and law school, Mr. Tatem saw LegalShield as the wave of the future for the distribution of legal services throughout North America. He says: “The services simply made sense” and the business opportunity was unmatched to anything he’d seen prior. Mr. Tatem was able to retire from his corporate job while still in his twenties.  He enjoys being an entrepreneur and being able to build his own business on his own terms with friends and family. He says his success came from his mother who had been a thriving force early in his childhood as an educator and as a Director in his business.

Mr. Tatem is a resident of Chandler, Arizona.